We welcome you to join with us.


Join us.

We look for people that love what they do.

Work is multiplying your talent through company so that you can make impact to God, people and yourself. It's more than get paid, create portfolio. It's about Making Impact to others.

Who we are, and who we want to be

A few things you should know about Roketin

We're all human

We believe we are human who can make mistake(s). We make relation not transaction.

Respect each others

We have different background, story and point of view. We respect each other like we respect our parents. We polite like we talk to our grandmom.

We think like Astronaut

Astronaut must solve the problem efficiently with limited people and resources. We believe Digital is like universe, we must always have curiocity to explore something new. We believe selfstudy is


We believe Ikigai. We do what we love. We do what the world needs. We do what we good at. We do what we can paid for.