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Agile Software Development is a group of software development methods. This collection of methods is also often called the Agile Development Methods. The basis of this method is the principle of short-term system development with a fast adaptation rate to any changes. The main point of Agile Software Development is teamwork. The methods incorporated in agile emphasize collaboration between members of the agile team

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The benefits of using the Agile method itself can be felt not only from the developer side. But on the client side, vendors, and managers also benefit from using Agile. The client can provide feedback to the developer team to add or change features of the application before it is actually released. While the benefits of agile are, Increase team productivity, improve software quality, increase client satisfaction, and saves the cost required, and we can see step by step.


At this step the developer and the client make a plan about the needs of the software to be created.


The part of the process by which the programmer does the software coding.

Software test

Here the software that has been made is tested by the quality control department so that any bugs found can be fixed immediately and the quality of the software is maintained.


After a software test is carried out the next step is the software documentation process to simplify the maintenance process in the future.


Which is a process carried out by quality assurance to test the quality of the system. After the system meets the requirements, the software is ready to be deployed.


The last step is maintenance. No software is 100% bug free, which is why it is very important that the software is maintained regularly.

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