our services.

Story Telling Design & Digitize Transformation Consultant

We help you define your big ideas into structured plan and improve your products and services by delivering world class results. Collaboration is the key of our success.

What we do.

  • Business discovery & user research
  • Web & E-Commerce development
  • Entreprise Software development
  • Startup Product development
  • User interface & visual design
  • Multiplatform Mobile development
  • Front-end engineering & integeration
  • Design Sprint & Prototyping
  • Extended Team
  • IT Workshop & Training

Collaboration is the key.

We are really good at design, technology and also some kind of business process, but we don't know about your business. We haven't work together before. You are the expert in your business. How can i telling your story with good story telling website without your ideas.

And so we realize that the secret key to our success is collaboration. We need to syncronize our brainwave to have same frequention to understand each other and no short cuts, we need to talk, and talk, and talk. We need to brainstorm together and analyze together what we want to make and how to make. Collaboration is the key.

How we work

We are millenials that using design thinking, agile, scrum and other creative methodologies to solve the issue. Everyone of us thinks like researcher to solve the problem. Software development is a creative world, nothing is the same in every job, there are new challenges, new creativity. Therefore we never stop to always learn and continue to look for new, more effective ways to produce better and better products.

Project Based

This method is suitable for small project. All function specifications, methods, and prototypes have been made earlier in the development process. We recommend this method if you already have a description of the result of the project approximately 80% of the total work done. Project based will produce a final time and budget estimate but has a design long enough in the beginning.

Scrum Team

Roketin will analyze the needs of the next 2 sprint project to work with the number of teams that have been agreed. This workmanship process is suitable for startup or companies who want to create products that specifications can still change and develop.

Tech Team Subscription

This method is suitable for you growing fast and need more help than just a "outsource". Plug us as your internal team to help you in desiging blueprint, software development, design ui / ux to achieve the expected goal.

Let's talk about what you want to achieve.

Tell us what you've got in mind and we'll be in touch to schedule a time to dig in a little deeper.