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Roketin is a full-service digital transformator, busy designing and building beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences to you. We are based on both service and design. Therefore, we are proud to offer customized solutions to improve our client's productivity and automation. We believe, with automation, we can achieve more.

What we do.

Instead of telling you about our impact, we prefer share what is our heart and value.


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Astronaut as Researcher

We are Researcher

To continue to compete, we believe that Indonesia needs to transform especially the implementation of technology in business. Therefore we present with a vision to help Indonesia be more competitive in business competition by utilizing technology.

A good product, born from a good person.

We believe that a healthy team is the key to success. Therefore emphasize the personal career development of each person to be able to grow in line with his call and vision of the company.

The world is moving fast, so are we.

We believe that the Engineer software is the same person as the astronaut. therefore all our teams, we call astronauts. We are astronauts - creative workers trained for years writing code, designing architecture, analyzing, constantly learning new technology and continuing to think critically and as problem solvers. Learning and researching is our DNA.

We are Astronauts.

Roketin was founded by 4 founders who have a vision to build a company to make Indonesia better. The dream will not be achieved if it does not start from the person therefore we agreed to establish Roketin as our rocket.

We create Roketin as a value-driven company that prioritizes the alignment of the vocation of every people with the company's vision. Working together with a team that has the same passion to transform ourself, you, this company and Indonesia for the better.